What is Powertex?

Powertex is a highly versatile product that makes most porous surfaces hard and weather resistant. This amazing product gives form and structure to cloth, paper, wood, gauze, concrete, plush toys, cardboard and more. This amazing textile hardener makes it easy for a novice crafter to create beautiful sculpture using only a wire armature and an old t-shirt.

Create one of a kind...
Garden or Figurative Sculpture
Home Décor Accent Items
Custom Picture Frames
Preserve Treasured Mementos
Create Unique Jewelry
...and much more!

Powertex is available in ½ litre; 1 litre and 5 litre sizes in the following colours:
Lead  -  Bronze  -  Terra Cotta  -  Transparent  -  Ivory  -  Green  -  Black

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How Does Powertex Work?

Powertex is a liquid medium, ready to use out of the package. Items can be dipped directly into Powertex or brushed on. Once applied, Powertex begins to dry but will remain flexible for hours, depending on room temperature. While it is in this flexible state, Powertex can be draped, folded, pleated and manipulated in countless ways. Once the treated item has been cured, it will be hard and durable. It will also be weather resistant and suitable for use outdoors. The exception to this is the transparent medium which will require a coat of outdoor (marine) varnish before it becomes weather resistant.

Powertex is environmentally friendly and cleans up with soap and water.

Technical info:

  • Do not freeze liquid product. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

  • Once cured Powertex is weather resistant and can be left outdoors all winter long. 

  • Bronze, Terra Cotta, Ivory & Lead are weather resistant however, for added protection apply at least two coats of a good quality exterior varnish after 10 to 14 days of indoor curing. Marine or “spar” varnish can also be used to protect outdoor sculpture.

  • Transparent Powertex medium does not have any protective coating and will need to be covered with an exterior or marine varnish.

  • Do not tint with any liquid paint other than Folk Art by Plaid or powdered pigments such as Powercolor and Colortrix pigments sold by Powertex.

  • Clean up with soap and water.
Creating with Powertex: