Hydrangea Tutorial

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1. Cut the cotton cloth into 1 to 1-1/4” Hydrangea petal shapes. An 8” gourd would need about 150-200 petals. Cut about 20 leaves of different sizes.

2. Dip the petals into watered-down, lighter-colored acrylics of your choice and line them up in rows on sheets of newspapers. While still wet, touch the petal tips with a brush loaded with thinned-out acrylics of the similar color but much darker shade. Let dry. Paint the leaves and let dry.

3. Paint the round gourd black, let dry.

4. Drill holes around the round gourd about 3/4 to 1” apart using a 1/8” drill bit.

5. Brush thinned-out transparent Powertex onto a dry petal on a coated paper plate. Be careful not to thin-out the Powertex too much, 1 part water to 3 parts Powertex is good. This is just to slow down the drying process a little bit and to prevent the petals from looking too stiff.

6. Using a blunt bamboo skewer, push the middle of a petal into a hole on the gourd.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 until the part of the round gourd that will be showing is all covered with petals.

8.  When the petals are “leather dry”, pose the petals to your satisfaction. Let dry completely.

9. Sculpt the air-dry clay to make the centers of the flowers, attach them to the center of the flowers using just a little bit of Powertex. Let dry.

10. Work on the base gourd. Draw or paint overlapping leaves of different sizes, cut-out and engrave the leave details or touch up with paints if necessary.   

11. Coat and let dry.

12. Attach the leaves here and there between the base and the top gourd and some on the base, if desired.

13. Insert the Hydrangea gourd into the leaf base. Use a mix of Powertex and Stone Art to secure. 

The gourds for this project could be chosen from the “imperfect stash” we might have since the round one would be mostly covered with petals and the base gourd needs a big opening. A broken gourd could be rescued and used for the base and even repairs could be done and be covered! Powertex is a wonderful tool for rescuing less-than-perfect gourds.

Thank you Powertex!

Ratna Djuhadi (Ardee)
Kaneohe, Hawaii
by Ratna Djuhadi (Ardee) - 1st Place Winner of our Powertex / Gourd Fusion Contest
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Supplies Required:

1. Gourds, one roundish gourd and one slightly bigger gourd, could be any shape. 
2. Recycled cotton cloth.
3. Powertex Transparent
4. Stone Art.
5. Acrylics, lighter and darker shades for the petals and different shades of green for the leaves.
6. Air dry clay