Mother Sea Mermaid

Copyright © 2013 Powertex Canada
1.  Select the gourd.

2.  Attach it firmly to a base for stability.

3.  Lightly sand the surface and carve around the waist to emphasis the mermaid's waistline.

4.  Drill holes for the arms made from wire, cover them with foil and masking tape.

5.  Attach the head to the gourd with a cork for the neck.  The face is already sculpted from Paperclay

6.  Begin draping the Powertex coated fabric to the gourd covering the tail first.

7.  Paint the arms with Powertex tinted pink.

8.  Dip the kelp fabric in Powertex and form for drying.

9.  After the above steps are dry attach a Powertex red fabric to the bodice of the mermaid.  Her bra is made of sea shells under the fabric.

10.  Dip some fibres in Powertex for the hair - part of the hair is firm and part is left soft and flowing.

11.  Attach the dried kelp to the arms

12.  Attach sea shells and other embellishments to the lower half of the mermaid and around the waist forming a waist band of shells.

13.  Attach the necklace below the chin.

14.  Attach the hair.

15.  Form the hands to hold the glass vessel, which I made with powders and solutions on the inside of the glass.

16.  Embellish the base with sea shells covered in micro beads and pearls along with some crystals.

17.  Enjoy and watch the awe on people's faces when they see her beauty and know her story.

18.  Her name is "Mother Sea".  She is my first in a series of mermaids with Powertex.

19.  Her tail is a paper fan covered with bronze Powertex.

Betsy Roberts
San Diego, CA
by Betsy Roberts - Honorable Mention in the Powertex / Gourd Fusion Contest
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