"OM" - Yoga Gourda

Copyright © 2013 Powertex Canada
by Sally Barker - Honorable Mention in the Powertex / Gourd Fusion Contest
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This piece is called "OM".

‘Yoga Gourda' is waiting for her favourite Yoga program on TV. She is dressed in a relaxed tank top, shorts and slippers (non-slip) and braided head band.

Gourda has pulled her dreadlocks back and out of the way, wrapping them tightly, in a scarf, tied with a bow.  

She is all set, having removed her necklace and draped it over the TV. Her towel is beside her, her water bottle to one side, a sweat cloth in hand.

She set small flowers around her for ambiance. She is resting on her yoga mat, in the lotus position, which she can't manage very well, but she's trying.

The gourd formed her body and head, with the wrapped stem supporting her 'dreads'. I inserted 14 gauge wire into the sides for arms and legs. They were wrapped in foil and masking tape. The tape helped to secure them. Her body shape; breasts, bottom and shoulders were also enhanced with foil and tape. Her hair is unplyed heavy jute twine. Her eyelashes are embroidery floss. The TV is a small wrapped cardboard box with a wire antennae and button knobs. The water bottle is an empty thread spool, wrapped. Her necklace is from a bathroom stopper chain and wrapped curtain ring.

Once all the general pieces were assembled I "mummy" wrapped each piece in strips of Powertex soaked cotton t-shirts. The yoga mat is corded cotton soaked and applied to an upturned plant tray. All the figures were attached to the tray with Powertex. I used the blue/gray Powertex colour which interestingly changed shade in different lights and locations. 

Thank you for the fun. I had a great time doing this. It's a brand new medium for me and I love it.

Sally Barker
Victoria, BC