The Gospel According to Powertex

  • Always stir Powertex thoroughly from the bottom.

  • Do not allow Powertex to freeze while in its liquid state.

  • Allow completed sculpture to cure for 2-3 weeks before placing outdoors.

  • Always varnish transparent with a good quality outdoor varnish. We recommend marine varnish (spar varnish) which is used on wooden boats.

  • Bronze, Lead and Terra Cotta colors are weather resistant. No varnish is necessary.

  • Powertex is non toxic and cleans up with soap and water (before drying) Remember to protect ceramic, brick, wood or similar floors as Powertex will bond with these surfaces and become permanent.

  • Transparent Powertex can be colored by adding powdered pigments like “ColortricX” or “Powercolor”, or by adding “Folk Art” brand paint at a rate of no more than 2 oz paint to 1 liter of Powertex. Folk Art brand paint is the only paint compatible for mixing with Powertex. 

  • Any type of paint can be used over dry Powertex. However you must seal the paint if the finished item is to remain outdoors.

  • Powertex can be thinned slightly with small amounts of water.

  • 100% natural fibers such as cotton, work best. Always test fabric by coating with Powertex. If the fabric sticks to itself when folded, it should work well.

  • Natural fibers will cure harder than those with a high synthetic component.

  • Powertex does not stick to plastic. Cover with masking tape if you need to coat plastic.

  • A ½ litre container of Powertex should make one 15 inch figures. However the amount used will vary according to each individual artist's style

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